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About Susie Morice


Susie's Background

A lifetime educator, Susie has had a lifelong career in the  public school classroom.  She writes about educational change and has been an editor and researcher and consultant in the field for a long time.  



Susie's Experience

Susie’s career has a depth in the realities of the public school classroom that a full-length career in teaching affords.  Consulting with teachers of writing via the Gateway Writing Project in the St. Louis area and currently as a writer and editor with the Santa Fe Center for Transformational School Leadership keeps Susie's focus on transformational change in schools. Her most recent publications, including Deeper Learning: Practice and Possibilities (2018) and School Stories: Engaging in Transformative Work (2017), were published by the Institute for School Partnership at Washington University in St. Louis.  These monographs are available from the Santa Fe Center at


About Susie Morice

Susie rounds out her professional focus with poetry writing, birding, music, and a love of the outdoors.  "Bicycling keeps me out in the fresh air. I rode the Katy Trail across Missouri a few years back and rode scads of miles in Michigan and most recently in Wisconsin. After riding Iowa’s RAGBRAI for six straight summers, three bike-group loops in Michigan, and more recently Iowa’s Raccoon River Valley Trail, I’m focusing now on more poetry, music, songwriting, and singing! When not horsing around with my dog, I play acoustic guitar and write my own songs. Visiting Wyoming and engaging in guitar-pickin’ good times there with my friends, I soak up the Bighorn Mountains and the Antelope Butte Festival and good times in Story and Sheridan, WYO. Treks to Boise, ID and Portland, OR keep me connected to my dearest family. Here at home my book groups and writing group are a fantastic collection of thinkers and dear friends. We keep learning about this world and the people in it. Always exploring new places, I have loved experiences as far away as Tasmania, but I also find the nearby Confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers a wonderful haven for nature's inspiration." 

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